Corns and callouses treatment

Need Treatment For Foot Corns and Callouses?

Corns and callouses are often times confused. They’re both generally thickened skin on the foot. But, corns are on top of the foot or between the toes, and callouses are on the bottom of the feet. If they aren’t interfering with your daily habits or causing pain, you can try out home remedies, however, in more severe cases, surgical treatment of foot corns & callouses will be needed. Contact the doctors at Bartlett Foot Center to schedule an appointment with our Bartlett Podiatrist today.

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Corn And Callous Removal

There are two main types of foot corns: soft and hard corns. Soft is usually between the toes, while hard corns are on the top of your feet. Both can be caused by a variety of factors.

What Causes Corns?

  • Toes rubbing
  • Toes rubbing in your shoes
  • Shoes that are too tight
  • Moisture between the toes
  • Any ongoing pressure
  • Other foot conditions like Hammertoe

If you do have other foot conditions, like Hammertoe, you may need a more complex surgery. This may result in needing bone reconstruction. Regardless, corn or callous removal will usually not be painful.

Be Cautious If Removing Corns Or Callouses Yourself

Some DIY techniques to eliminate foot corns or callouses are harmless, but some can cause more damage than good. You can soak your foot in warm soapy water and gently scrub at the corn. This may relieve some of the pain when you’re walking.

But other at-home products that use chemicals for corn removal are not recommended. They can burn your skin, and even cause infections. This is why it’s vital to see a podiatrist if you’re experiencing any symptoms of corns or callouses. It’s best not to risk causing further damage to your feet.

Look For A Reputable Podiatrist

If your corns or callouses are causing agonizing pain, natural remedies aren’t going to cut it. You’ll likely require a corn removal surgery.

If they’re hindering your ability to carry on with a normal day-to-day life, it’s time to seek out help. Find a reputable podiatrist and look at your treatment options.

What To Look For In A Reputable Podiatrist:

  • Good online reviews
  • Qualified in corn and callus removal surgeries
  • Communicative
  • Good hours of operation
  • Referral from a reputable doctor

Even with minor surgery, it’s crucial to find a reputable doctor to perform the procedure. An inexperienced doctor could make an error. Which could result in infections after the procedure.

Final Thoughts

It can be uncomfortable and sometimes downright excruciating to experience corns or callouses. Luckily, corn removal is not always complicated. You may need a simple shaving down of the corn. Or you could need a more intricate surgery. Seeking out a high-quality podiatrist will tell you more about your particular situation.

If you have any questions or would like to request an appointment, please contact us.

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