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Treatment for Hammertoe

Walking around with foot pain and discomfort can be debilitating to your everyday life. 

When you’re dealing with hammertoe, it’s important that you touch base with foot and ankle specialists that can handle your hammertoe treatment for you.

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What is Hammertoe?

Hammertoe is a common foot condition in which your toe bends abnormally downward. 

Two types of hammertoe exist:

  • Affected toes that are still moveable at the joint are called Flexible hammertoes.
  • Rigid hammertoes are the result of tendons being tightened and joints becoming misaligned and immobile.

There are a lot of causes for hammertoe. Some causes for the condition include wearing tight shoes, complications due to arthritis pain and tension, and a foot arch. Previous toe or foot injuries can also cause hammertoe.

Hammertoe Treatments

If you put off hammertoe treatment, your foot pain may become much worse, and it will be difficult to continuously bear weight on that part of your foot.

Any easy first step is to stop wearing shoes that have an uncomfortable arch or heels that create stress on your foot and toes.

In addition a podiatrist can also recommend some exercises to conduct, including massage, ice, and heat.

If more in-depth treatment is needed, a foot and ankle specialist can create a custom shoe insert that can help straighten out your issue.

In addition, cortisone shots can be administered that can help you to get rid of the pain.

There are some risks that come along with treatment, however, such as bleeding, stiffness, infection, and nerve injury. 

Hammertoe Surgery

In some situations, invasive hammertoe surgery may be needed to fix your toe and certain ligaments in your foot.

If you have severe pain in the toe that hinders your daily activies and none of the treatments listed above have helped, surgery may then be recommended. During surgery, a surgeon will typically remove the bony promnence on the toe of the deformed foot. Other surgical procedures include transferring a tendon to another location, inserting a steel pin to correct the toe’s position, and releasing a tendon that is too short.

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